Welcome to Game Review Radio. We are a game review site that specializes in the awesome and ridiculous. GRR is here to bring you the games that we play and tell you all about the features we like and do not like. Gaming is an ever changing industry that is constantly evolving, and this is where those changes can be seen. Our reviews are strictly the opinions of those writing them. They do not reflect the beliefs of all those involved with the site and are here to help viewers get an idea of what the game is like. We are not the final word on games, so do not take our findings as life and death. Enjoy your time here on Game Review Radio.

Our Story

Game Review Radio started from very humble beginnings. Begun in 2014, by a group of friends; it is here to share a love of all things gaming. Bradley Lewis, the site's Editor in Chief, decided to get his friends together and see what would happen if they shared their gaming moments and thoughts. It was just an idea that became what you see. We were and still are by no means experts in the field of Game's journalism, which hopefully will become less noticeable over time. We just wanted to share our gaming moments which have been some of the best in our lives. 

The founding editors and writers of GRR are grateful for your visiting our site. This is not a site that was built for money or fame. GRR may never amount to much but we are proud of the work that we have put into this site. If you like what you see, share it with others because that is what you do with good material.