DOTA 2: Reborn Update

Today, Valve released a blog post and a new website describing the upcoming changes that are going to be the new version of DOTA 2. It is called DOTA 2 Reborn. The update is divided into 3 parts, the first of which Valve released today and it is about the new interface that is coming with Reborn. The other updates to come in parts 2 & 3 are about new game modes and also the new engine for running DOTA 2. 


This update features wholesale changes to many of features of DOTA 2 that have been around since its inception. The entire user interface is being reworked to allow for better ways to watch, learn, and explore the game.  Being able to communicate and gather friends to play the game is also being made easier, along with changes to the party chat inside of DOTA 2.  Among the other coming features, is an effort to show how to play the game of DOTA 2 in a better fashion than the tutorials that are already available, including scenarios with bots that show the different challenges inside of a game of DOTA 2. 


DOTA TV is receiving a large overhaul as you can see, which is something that has been needed since Twitch has taken many viewers away over the past couple of years. The features are going to be in beta starting next week, along with Parts 2 and 3 being released which are about new game modes and also the new engine.

You can view all of the changes and many more details about DOTA 2's Reborn here

Quick Look: Mario Kart 8 1st DLC Pack

Mario Kart has released it first of two DLC packs today, and if you are someone who enjoys any kind of Nintendo game this is for you. Within the DLC pack there are 3 characters: Tanooci Mario, Cat Peach, & Ummm who else....oh that's right flipping Link and 8 tracks.

From Ice Climbers, to Captain Falcon, this DLC is Jammed full of fresh new site and sounds to keep you intrested; while AC: Unity and the Master Chief Collection are not up to snuff. 

Probably my personal favorite things about the whole pack is the love they put into the Hyrule Circuit track. Just to see Link (one of my favorite characters) zipping around on his Master Bike, using the Triforce Tires, and hitting the green rupees that Nintendo has taken the time to make, in place of the coins. Also Mute City with boosters around ever bend and on every straight away. This beautiful face paced track is definatly worth the time it takes to get to it!

The music also provides a nice new change with the additional tracks you get along with this. The Wario Mines probably has the most fun sounding music of any track I know. It all just does something to pull at the heart strings.

If you have Mario Kart 8 or are looking to get something for your kids for Christmas, I highly recommend both the game and the DLC. If you have a Wii U then you are just about $50 away from one of the funnest times you will have on the Wii U. 

- theemattadams BOOM!!! 

Amiibos for Free

Go to your local Toys "R" Us and preorder your copy of Super Smash Bros. For the Wii U and get a free Amiibo figure to go along with it! I mean hey, they are cool and you know you are going to get one anyways, so why not get it for free? I would go with Link or Samus personally or get one free and buy the other.

 -theemattadams BOOM! 

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Release Date

Super Smash Bros. Probably one of the most anticipated games of the system generation received a release date today for North America on Novemver 21, Europe on December 5, and Australia on December 6. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, look for this and all the other great games coming next month. 




Activision announces Destiny Beta and Special Edition Info

Today Activision announced more info about Bungie's upcoming release Destiny, specifically involving the Beta scheduled for later this month and the special edition bundles for when the game releases. 

At E3 in June, it was announced that the Beta for Destiny would begin on July 17 at 1 PM ET for PS3 and PS4. Today they released the full schedule for the Beta including the dates for when the Beta will be coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 which will be July 23 at 1 PM ET. However, there will be a 2 day period from July 21-22 where the Beta will be offline for maintenance. The Beta will run until July 28 at 2:59 AM ET. 

"As we prepare to launch our first Beta on multiple console platforms around the world, we are excited and eager to open the flood gates," said Harold Ryan, Bungie's president. "We already love to play Destiny, and with your help we can be ready for our launch in September."

Activision also announced the bundles for the game and all that is to be included. You can check out the full load out for the Destiny Ghost edition and limited edition here. Activision released information about the Expansion Pass which will be for $34.99 which is a $5.00 savings from buying the two expansions separately. The two expansions will be released post-launch and will be entitled The Dark Below and The House of Wolves, respectively.

The trailer for the Destiny Beta was also released and check it out below 

Wii U Games (2014-2015)

Sit down hit the Home Button and power on the fast menu Gamepad and get ready for all the exciting games coming to the Wii U between now and next years E3 (2015). Nintendo has shown off a huge selection of games coming out in the next 365+ days, and they didn't disappoint.  Right now not including VC games, The Wii U will be releasing a little over 25 games. To me that is jaw dropping. Considering their are just about that many games out for the console right now; doubling the inventory of your games is a huge jump and will hopefully push the Wii U back into the games instead of falling away.  Here is a list of games we Know the release date for and a list of the upcoming games with just a year or a quarter proposal date:

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (June 24)

One Piece: Unlimited World RED (July 8)

Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes (Sept 23) 

Hyrule Warriors (Sept 26) 

Skylanders: Trap Team (Oct 5) 

Bayonetta 2 (Late Oct) 

Just Dance 2015 (Late Oct) 

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey (Nov 16)

Project Cars (Mid Nov)

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (TBA)

Devil's Third (TBA)

Sonic Boom (TBA)

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Holidays 2014) 

Shadow of Eternals (TBA)

How to Survive (TBA)

Oddworld New 'N' Tasty (TBA) 

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Fall 2014)  

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (TBA)

Mighty No. 9 (April 2015) 

Mario Party 10 (2015) 

Splatoons (2015) 

Legend of Zelda Wii U (2015) 

Xenoblade Chronicles 'X' (2015)

Yoshi's Wolly World (2015) 

Mario Maker (2015) 

With this line up of games and many more not shown here 2014-2015 will be a great year for gaming! Check Back for new news all the time here at GRR!

-theemattadams Boom! I'm Out! 

Day 1: Nintendo Direct

Wow is all I can say. To every Nintendo Wii U owner and lover I believe Nintendo hit it out of the park today with a huge line-up of games for the rest of this year and many to anticipate for next year! 

It offered reveals in Super Smash Bros. for the 3Ds and Wii U. Gave a new extended teaser trailer for the upcoming Legend of Zelda game (2015). Also showing off a couple of new Third Party and a particularly hardcore Second Party Wii U exclusive game called Devil's Third, and let me say it was my game of show!  

I believe This game will change the way Nintendo looks at the gaming industry.   

Also introducing Amiibo; AKA NFP these little figurines allow the Gamepad holder to spawn-in/swap-out/use the character in which has been selected. This will give a whole new way to play games and ways to replay games making the Nintendo Universe a whole unto itself. 

Bayonetta 2 also was revealed with out a release date I believe but looks like it is coming along great and will offer an update but still closely related games as the first.

 Along with all of this Hyrule Warriors got a release date for September 26th. Other new games for this upcoming year are Mario Maker, Splatoon, Pokemon Alpha Saphire, and Omega Ruby, & Yoshi's Wolly World. 

All of these except for Pokemon will be out next year. I cannot wait for these games and everything that Nintendo Has to offer check back tomorrow for more News on Gamereviewradio for more on Day 2 or Nintendo Direct. 


-theemattadams Boom! I'm Out!

Microsoft Global Briefing: Games past 2014

Microsoft divided their presentation into two sections. One for games coming out this calendar year, and those coming beyond. This is a summary of all the announcements coming past 2014:

1. New game from the guys that brought you Limbo called Inside. Inside looks like an awesome game, no clue even what the objective is and I am bought into the game.

2. ID@Xbox talked about all of the Indie games that are coming out soon to Xbox. So many that the list is too long to place here. Check out the many that they showed. 

3. World Premier for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Trailer showed Laura Croft in a counseling session and flashing back to here various epic missions. 

4. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt shows off gameplay, graphics look awesome. It looks like an absolutely amazing game. We will see how it turns out on console and PC. There will probably be a difference between console and PC from what everyone has said so far.

5. Phantom Dust, a fighting game remake, was  announced.

6. The Division looked like it is taking it to another level. I was blown away by the intricate detail in the environment and the graphics quality. The voice quality was phenomenal in the demo and the co-op gameplay makes you very hopeful that it will be how it looked. Announced to come out in 2015.

7.  New game called Scalebound announced, lots of dragons and one guy that has tons of powers.

8. Crackdown. This new one looks like the same kind of ridiculous fun in an open world, co-op setting. Trailer showed a co-op mission to take down a guy in a skyscraper by plowing a tanker truck covered in C4 into the building by ramping it into another building and causing it to fall and then being blow up by a sniper round from another player. 


I have to say that this Microsoft Global Briefing was done very well. Nothing but games for 90 minutes. Lots of insane, new stuff coming. Stay tuned to here at Game Review Radio for the rest of E3 and all other gaming news and reviews. 

Microsoft Global Briefing: Announcements for 2014

So, E3 is like Christmas for gamers and this year's Microsoft conference did not disappoint. Microsoft made a commitment to games from the very beginning of their presentation and they did nothing but games for 90 minutes. Here is a summary of all the announcements for 2014 made during the conference from Microsoft:

1. Xbox opened with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is an intense game from the campaign footage they showed. Looks like they have made it very interesting and fun. The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC will also be coming to Xbox first.

2. Forza Motorsport 5 is bringing the Nurburgring to the game... today... for free to those that have the game. Awesome!

3. Forza Horizon 2 coming September 30th to Xbox One.

4. Evolve looks phenomenal. Definitely looking forward to the co-op with the staff here at Game Review Radio. Being the monster or the heroes looks like one phenomenal time. 

5. Assassins Creed: Unity took the stage and announced 4-player co-op! Unity has graphics that are stunning, and you can coordinate with your friends to accomplish multiple assassinations at once. It also has hundreds of NPCs running in the open world, stunning technology. 

6. Dragon Age: Inquisition coming October 7th.

7. Loved the absurdity of Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive. Absolutely funny and awesome. Sunset Overdrive gameplay demo is legit. Definitely going to be a hit for Xbox One. Fighting on a roller coaster has me hooked and wanting more. Sunset Overdrive has up to 8 player co-op and is coming October 28th. 

8. Play as your favorite Capcom characters in in Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade DLC. Available now.

9. Dance Central: Spotlight is coming exclusively to Xbox One this September in a digital download. 

10. Fable Legends shows off the 4 classes of heroes and the playable villain. Beta coming for Fable Legends this holiday season.

11. Trailer for Project Spark, looks like the created content can be really cool. Definitely worth checking out more down the road.

12. New game shown called Ori and the Blind Forest. Looked incredible.

13. Halo: the Master Chief Collection announced, Halos 1-4 are included. Halo: The Master Chief collection is on one disc. You can choose levels and make your own playlist. Includes the original Halo 2 multiplayer along with all of the multiplayers from other games as well, on their original engines, and every map running at 1080p, 30 fps. 

14.  Halo 5 Guardians Beta coming this holiday season.

All of this content is coming this year. Check out our other article on the games coming out past this year.