Quick Look: Mario Kart 8 1st DLC Pack

Mario Kart has released it first of two DLC packs today, and if you are someone who enjoys any kind of Nintendo game this is for you. Within the DLC pack there are 3 characters: Tanooci Mario, Cat Peach, & Ummm who else....oh that's right flipping Link and 8 tracks.

From Ice Climbers, to Captain Falcon, this DLC is Jammed full of fresh new site and sounds to keep you intrested; while AC: Unity and the Master Chief Collection are not up to snuff. 

Probably my personal favorite things about the whole pack is the love they put into the Hyrule Circuit track. Just to see Link (one of my favorite characters) zipping around on his Master Bike, using the Triforce Tires, and hitting the green rupees that Nintendo has taken the time to make, in place of the coins. Also Mute City with boosters around ever bend and on every straight away. This beautiful face paced track is definatly worth the time it takes to get to it!

The music also provides a nice new change with the additional tracks you get along with this. The Wario Mines probably has the most fun sounding music of any track I know. It all just does something to pull at the heart strings.

If you have Mario Kart 8 or are looking to get something for your kids for Christmas, I highly recommend both the game and the DLC. If you have a Wii U then you are just about $50 away from one of the funnest times you will have on the Wii U. 

- theemattadams BOOM!!!