Wii U: Redeemed?

With only a little over 14 days left til Mario Kart everyday new, things are being announced and the hype couldn't be more alive! I believe this game along with Super Smash Bro. Wii U will sell more Wii U than than they did last year! With E3 right around the corner Nintendo needs something huge to happen! With these two Juggernauts in this specific industry they are able to ride this and use it to our advantage! Nintendo needs to get some AAA titles out there. Besides Ubisoft...as well as producing top notch Single A In house games as well!  

If this is to hard then this new hardware they are talking about better be a mobile devise that can sync to a TV and give only in house amazing top notch games. Because at the rate, with the healthy entertainment craze they are sinking fast and about to lose there gaming industry. b/c the console games aren't getting anything and at a price point of $300 it's would be better to go with the recently dropped Xbox One price of $399! 

Nintendo get it together and start making games that everyone wants and that can compete with Sony and Microsoft! Believe me I love the NES remix and things like that, the e-shop is a great thing but no one buys consoles because they have great Downloadable games it's b/c of the huge multiplayer and campaign driven, and breathe taking visuals in a game you have waited 4 years for b/c some guys at E3 think it's a good idea to tease it that early! Jerks.

All in saying is if Nintendo is smart and Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros goes well they need to take that an run with it!  I do not know if Nintendo can save this but I do believe with the combo of these two games and some really good stuff at E3 then they could still keep the viewers eyes and hopefully make a mark that lasts once again!