Games I Am Excited For!

Since the Wii U is kind of my forte I would like to highlight on some of the upcoming "investments" I will be making for Nintendo.

1.  Hyrule Warriors:  

Zelda meet dynasty warriors game! It's is going to be amazing I believe with the new website up and the newest pictures and screen shots out I'm more excited than ever to get a copy and jump into this.


2.  Mario Kart 8:

With it coming out in less than 10 days Mario Kart is extremely anticipated and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. (Also the free game you get with it is a good treat also; I will be getting Pikmin 3 since it's not new it will not be included in the list!)


3.  Super Smash Bros. Wii U: 

Behind Mario Kart this is probably at the top of everyone's list for "Can't Wait" games for the Wii U. All your favorite Nintendo Characters in one place fighting! What else could you ask for?! 


4.  Nintendo Figureens: 

This one isn't really a game but this is something I am very excited about. If Nintendo does this right they could have a "Revolution"on there hands in the gaming industry. Which was the Wii's original name.  These figures allows the player to add the Figureen into which ever game that they are playing. Imagine Link Jumping through Maio 3D World! It isn't confirmed that is possible with all games but it seems to something Nintendo could use to there advantage. Either way I will spend lots of money to collect as many as possible. This would be a great way to add characters and twists to old favorites also.

5. The Legend of Zelda Wii U:

Whether you call it Twilight Princess 2, the Hyrule Castle Keeper or whatever else this is going to be a good Zelda Game. Shown at E3 in 2013 this game looks beautiful and I cannot wait to play it. E3 this year promises to show more and hopefully get a round about release date! I believe out of all this is my most anticipated.


Agree with my list? Or just think I'm plain out wrong?

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