Nintendo With Youtube?

Nintendo made a statement recently that basically said they will soon be giving people the ability to collect, Ad Revenue, from there videos published on the juggernaut video website, YouTube.  

This will give people a way to show off there skills in all of these Nintenso Games as well as receive a percentage of the profits as well. Nintendo stated that this will be allowed to someone; "who will use the material proactively" to be rewarded for there contribution to the furthering of the Nintendo Brand and Name recongnition. 

Nintendo ended by saying that more details will be coming in the future. 


I believe this is something that should have been done long ago to help further Nintendo as a gaming industry. It can only help to get your name out there more; even if it is just bad things, people are still talking about you and relating games and developments to you.

The Legend of Zelda and Mario 3D world are not "short" games and they could have been useful to go watch a walkthrough sometimes.  And the people who put the time and effort into furthering a player experience should be rewarded for this I believe! I wouldn't want to make 110 walkthrough video parts to Wind Waker HD and have nothing to show for it but a game completion. And 10,000,000 views. Yes it shows you are popular but not this person will get none of the reward for all that work.

Nintendo great job making it to this party, you are just extremely late.