EA Sports Settlement with College Athletes

On Friday, EA Sports settled and agreed to an offer of $40 million to end the case against the company for using the athletes' likenesses without compensation. The deal was struck and is pending a judges approval. Players can receive up to a maximum of around $4,000 in the settlement if they so choose to make a claim. An athlete whose likeness was used can receive up to $951 per season that they appeared in the franchise since 2003. 

This is a huge step in the area of college football video games since the franchise has been put on hold by EA indefinitely. The amount of $40 million seems to many to be a low sum since most the players that can receive a piece of the settlement will be getting a few hundred dollars.  The total amount of players that are eligible for the settlement is around 100,000, and you can do the math. You also have to account for the fees of the law firm that made the settlement, which is almost assuredly a percentage of that total settlement. 

Speculation will now begin about NCAA Football and other college sports games making a reappearance. We know that there will not be a game this year, and most likely not next year. You cannot however rule anything out at this point because NCAA Football was a moneymaker for EA Sports and one of its better known annualized franchises. 

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