Wii U System Update

Yesterday June 2nd the Wii U received it new system update the 5.0.0. Which is part of Nintendos drive to make the Gamepad a bigger part of the Wii U experience.  Nintendo announced a few months ago that their plan was to incorporate the Gamepad into more of there games and other projects, in order to allow the player to have a fully enjoyable moment without using a TV. 

After download the update last night I immediately turned off the system and went to bed. When I woke up tis morning I was surprised to see that I had already received a notification and the Home key was flashing to tell me about it. Although I did not hear it, a noise accompanies the notification to allow the player an additional bit of help knowing when one is available (this is able to be turned off).

The best part about the update is the quick access Wii U Menu which keeps a list of the 10 most and recently used apps available to instant use. Yes this is similar to the Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo is still far behind on this subject; they did put it out much fast then expected I believe. This access menu lets a player quickly jump into any game they have downloaded or any app as well including Netflix, Hulu, or the free game you got from Mario Kart 8.

All in all I really like the update it gives the system a much needed jolt of speed, and accessability.  While it's slow getting to the race, this 5.0.0 series of updates may be some of the best that Nintendo ever puts out.

-theemattadams Boom! I'm out!