Microsoft Global Briefing: Games past 2014

Microsoft divided their presentation into two sections. One for games coming out this calendar year, and those coming beyond. This is a summary of all the announcements coming past 2014:

1. New game from the guys that brought you Limbo called Inside. Inside looks like an awesome game, no clue even what the objective is and I am bought into the game.

2. ID@Xbox talked about all of the Indie games that are coming out soon to Xbox. So many that the list is too long to place here. Check out the many that they showed. 

3. World Premier for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Trailer showed Laura Croft in a counseling session and flashing back to here various epic missions. 

4. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt shows off gameplay, graphics look awesome. It looks like an absolutely amazing game. We will see how it turns out on console and PC. There will probably be a difference between console and PC from what everyone has said so far.

5. Phantom Dust, a fighting game remake, was  announced.

6. The Division looked like it is taking it to another level. I was blown away by the intricate detail in the environment and the graphics quality. The voice quality was phenomenal in the demo and the co-op gameplay makes you very hopeful that it will be how it looked. Announced to come out in 2015.

7.  New game called Scalebound announced, lots of dragons and one guy that has tons of powers.

8. Crackdown. This new one looks like the same kind of ridiculous fun in an open world, co-op setting. Trailer showed a co-op mission to take down a guy in a skyscraper by plowing a tanker truck covered in C4 into the building by ramping it into another building and causing it to fall and then being blow up by a sniper round from another player. 


I have to say that this Microsoft Global Briefing was done very well. Nothing but games for 90 minutes. Lots of insane, new stuff coming. Stay tuned to here at Game Review Radio for the rest of E3 and all other gaming news and reviews.