DOTA 2: Reborn Update

Today, Valve released a blog post and a new website describing the upcoming changes that are going to be the new version of DOTA 2. It is called DOTA 2 Reborn. The update is divided into 3 parts, the first of which Valve released today and it is about the new interface that is coming with Reborn. The other updates to come in parts 2 & 3 are about new game modes and also the new engine for running DOTA 2. 


This update features wholesale changes to many of features of DOTA 2 that have been around since its inception. The entire user interface is being reworked to allow for better ways to watch, learn, and explore the game.  Being able to communicate and gather friends to play the game is also being made easier, along with changes to the party chat inside of DOTA 2.  Among the other coming features, is an effort to show how to play the game of DOTA 2 in a better fashion than the tutorials that are already available, including scenarios with bots that show the different challenges inside of a game of DOTA 2. 


DOTA TV is receiving a large overhaul as you can see, which is something that has been needed since Twitch has taken many viewers away over the past couple of years. The features are going to be in beta starting next week, along with Parts 2 and 3 being released which are about new game modes and also the new engine.

You can view all of the changes and many more details about DOTA 2's Reborn here