E3 Schedule

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

Microsoft is the first have their press conference on the day at Noon ET, 9 AM PT.  

Electronic Arts (EA) follows at 3 PM ET, Noon PT.

Ubisoft is then at 6 PM ET, 3 PM PT, and Sony caps off the first day at 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT. 

E3 continues the rest of the week with games being shown throughout. 

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Wii U System Update

Yesterday June 2nd the Wii U received it new system update the 5.0.0. Which is part of Nintendos drive to make the Gamepad a bigger part of the Wii U experience.  Nintendo announced a few months ago that their plan was to incorporate the Gamepad into more of there games and other projects, in order to allow the player to have a fully enjoyable moment without using a TV. 

After download the update last night I immediately turned off the system and went to bed. When I woke up tis morning I was surprised to see that I had already received a notification and the Home key was flashing to tell me about it. Although I did not hear it, a noise accompanies the notification to allow the player an additional bit of help knowing when one is available (this is able to be turned off).

The best part about the update is the quick access Wii U Menu which keeps a list of the 10 most and recently used apps available to instant use. Yes this is similar to the Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo is still far behind on this subject; they did put it out much fast then expected I believe. This access menu lets a player quickly jump into any game they have downloaded or any app as well including Netflix, Hulu, or the free game you got from Mario Kart 8.

All in all I really like the update it gives the system a much needed jolt of speed, and accessability.  While it's slow getting to the race, this 5.0.0 series of updates may be some of the best that Nintendo ever puts out.

-theemattadams Boom! I'm out! 

EA Sports Settlement with College Athletes

On Friday, EA Sports settled and agreed to an offer of $40 million to end the case against the company for using the athletes' likenesses without compensation. The deal was struck and is pending a judges approval. Players can receive up to a maximum of around $4,000 in the settlement if they so choose to make a claim. An athlete whose likeness was used can receive up to $951 per season that they appeared in the franchise since 2003. 

This is a huge step in the area of college football video games since the franchise has been put on hold by EA indefinitely. The amount of $40 million seems to many to be a low sum since most the players that can receive a piece of the settlement will be getting a few hundred dollars.  The total amount of players that are eligible for the settlement is around 100,000, and you can do the math. You also have to account for the fees of the law firm that made the settlement, which is almost assuredly a percentage of that total settlement. 

Speculation will now begin about NCAA Football and other college sports games making a reappearance. We know that there will not be a game this year, and most likely not next year. You cannot however rule anything out at this point because NCAA Football was a moneymaker for EA Sports and one of its better known annualized franchises. 

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Nintendo With Youtube?

Nintendo made a statement recently that basically said they will soon be giving people the ability to collect, Ad Revenue, from there videos published on the juggernaut video website, YouTube.  

This will give people a way to show off there skills in all of these Nintenso Games as well as receive a percentage of the profits as well. Nintendo stated that this will be allowed to someone; "who will use the material proactively" to be rewarded for there contribution to the furthering of the Nintendo Brand and Name recongnition. 

Nintendo ended by saying that more details will be coming in the future. 


I believe this is something that should have been done long ago to help further Nintendo as a gaming industry. It can only help to get your name out there more; even if it is just bad things, people are still talking about you and relating games and developments to you.

The Legend of Zelda and Mario 3D world are not "short" games and they could have been useful to go watch a walkthrough sometimes.  And the people who put the time and effort into furthering a player experience should be rewarded for this I believe! I wouldn't want to make 110 walkthrough video parts to Wind Waker HD and have nothing to show for it but a game completion. And 10,000,000 views. Yes it shows you are popular but not this person will get none of the reward for all that work.

Nintendo great job making it to this party, you are just extremely late.

Play Super Smash Bros. Wii U for Free

On June 11 and June 14 Nintendo will be allowing  more than 100 Best Buys across the country to let player test it out before it comes out later this year. 

The "Smash-Fest" will take place for 5 hours each day.  

• June 11th @4pm to 9pm

•June 14th @12pm to 5pm

Players get to demo the game in a 4 player battle using characters from: Sonic, Mega-Man, Pokémon, and Super Mario Bros. & Zelda.

In addition to the demo the first 70 participants the preorder either the 3DS version or the Wii U version will get a rare Gold Coin Collectable (while supplies last) in addition to this They will get a $5 Best Buy Reward Zone certificate after both preordering and picking up the game upon release date.  

For more information visit http://www.smashbros.com/us/. 

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And check out Nintendo at E3 2014 June 9th-11th.

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(Source Nintendo)

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Games I Am Excited For!

Since the Wii U is kind of my forte I would like to highlight on some of the upcoming "investments" I will be making for Nintendo.

1.  Hyrule Warriors:  

Zelda meet dynasty warriors game! It's is going to be amazing I believe with the new website up and the newest pictures and screen shots out I'm more excited than ever to get a copy and jump into this.


2.  Mario Kart 8:

With it coming out in less than 10 days Mario Kart is extremely anticipated and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. (Also the free game you get with it is a good treat also; I will be getting Pikmin 3 since it's not new it will not be included in the list!)


3.  Super Smash Bros. Wii U: 

Behind Mario Kart this is probably at the top of everyone's list for "Can't Wait" games for the Wii U. All your favorite Nintendo Characters in one place fighting! What else could you ask for?! 


4.  Nintendo Figureens: 

This one isn't really a game but this is something I am very excited about. If Nintendo does this right they could have a "Revolution"on there hands in the gaming industry. Which was the Wii's original name.  These figures allows the player to add the Figureen into which ever game that they are playing. Imagine Link Jumping through Maio 3D World! It isn't confirmed that is possible with all games but it seems to something Nintendo could use to there advantage. Either way I will spend lots of money to collect as many as possible. This would be a great way to add characters and twists to old favorites also.

5. The Legend of Zelda Wii U:

Whether you call it Twilight Princess 2, the Hyrule Castle Keeper or whatever else this is going to be a good Zelda Game. Shown at E3 in 2013 this game looks beautiful and I cannot wait to play it. E3 this year promises to show more and hopefully get a round about release date! I believe out of all this is my most anticipated.


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Wii U: Redeemed?

With only a little over 14 days left til Mario Kart everyday new, things are being announced and the hype couldn't be more alive! I believe this game along with Super Smash Bro. Wii U will sell more Wii U than than they did last year! With E3 right around the corner Nintendo needs something huge to happen! With these two Juggernauts in this specific industry they are able to ride this and use it to our advantage! Nintendo needs to get some AAA titles out there. Besides Ubisoft...as well as producing top notch Single A In house games as well!  

If this is to hard then this new hardware they are talking about better be a mobile devise that can sync to a TV and give only in house amazing top notch games. Because at the rate, with the healthy entertainment craze they are sinking fast and about to lose there gaming industry. b/c the console games aren't getting anything and at a price point of $300 it's would be better to go with the recently dropped Xbox One price of $399! 

Nintendo get it together and start making games that everyone wants and that can compete with Sony and Microsoft! Believe me I love the NES remix and things like that, the e-shop is a great thing but no one buys consoles because they have great Downloadable games it's b/c of the huge multiplayer and campaign driven, and breathe taking visuals in a game you have waited 4 years for b/c some guys at E3 think it's a good idea to tease it that early! Jerks.

All in saying is if Nintendo is smart and Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros goes well they need to take that an run with it!  I do not know if Nintendo can save this but I do believe with the combo of these two games and some really good stuff at E3 then they could still keep the viewers eyes and hopefully make a mark that lasts once again!



Xbox Live Gold Getting Upgrades

This morning Microsoft announced important changes coming to Xbox Live Gold. In June, they are rolling out a better form of Xbox Live Gold for both Xbox 360 and mainly Xbox one. They are making Games with Gold available for Xbox One along with staying on Xbox 360. 

They are also introducing Deals with Gold, which is a service that gives exclusive discounts on games and other content on the Xbox Store. 

Also announced was the addition of Applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Machinima and many others without the need for an Xbox Live Gold membership for all Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners.