"Help I'm Being Repressed!"


Zookas, Heavies, Rifleman and Gunboats! Boom Beach is a free to play mobile game that draws the gamer in for hours and hours of fun. This game is a basic strategy, play and wait game. You build a base or operation wait for the building to go up and attack enemy bases!   Gain new types of soldiers, stronger buildings and defenses and push to be the strongest boomer out there.


Yes the game is kind of slow paces with a few quick acting and strategic striking battle against either a computer AI or an actual opponent from around the world. Gain experience and fortify yourself to be an impenetrable beach front compound.

The graphics are pretty and the latest update gave each character a more defined looked as well as a unique weaponry look to each village! This game has had me since opening day and I have not went one day without playing! And no I have not paid one penny for anything! This game give you diamonds that are used to increase the speed of creations and upgrade to a higher level. Hands down if you love strategy games this is one for you!

I give this game 7.9 pink diamonds out of 10!




  • Addicting
  • Pretty
  • Upgrade Systems
  • Constant Updates


  • Slow
  • Wait Times
  • In-App Purchases
  • Overpowered AI
  • Only Able to Upgrade One Structure at a Time

Final Score:   7.9 / 10

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