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"That still only counts as one!"

Dwarves you know me you love me there are always around whether you want them to be or not! And it always seems like they are getting themselves into trouble.
This is pretty much to plot behind Dwarven Den.
A new mobile dungeon crawler where you must mine your way through a black foggy world to get to a giant blue crystal where you usually find another Dwarf that has gotten himself in trouble.  Using a mismatch of different power ups and a almost constantly upgrading array of tools armor and backpacks this game is hours of fun and it seems there will be more to come.

When I downloaded this game I spend over 3 straight hours playing it. From the bombs to the torches and a dial that tell you how close you are to the end (even if it through an impenetrable wall). Queue the Wah Wah Wah aha aha music now!

You begin with a small wooden pickaxe and low energy. You first objective watch that energy if you run out; unless you want to pay in real money; you better think strategic. After waiting 30 minutes bc you have run out of energy start the game again and this time also look for the blue crystal mentioned earlier.

 " ...get to a giant blue crystal where you usually find another Dwarf that has gotten himself in trouble."

Remember that?

Anyways rinse and repeat gain loot and upgrade by forging multiples of the same item together to get an improved tool usually many levels above what you need.

This game while fun and fairly addicting is a little under difficult I played all that time and only died once and that was my stupidity not due to mobs or such things.
All in all I would recommend this game. It's pretty fun and who doesn't like loot?!

Dwarven Den gets 7.5 feather backpacks out of 10.






  • Minecraft Like
  • Dwarven Characters you Just AW at
  • Plentiful on in Game Items
  • Fairly Easy Navigation


  • Incredible Strong Enemies
  • No Noticeable change with Equip. Perks
  • 3 Lives / 30 Minute Wait time

Final Score:     7.5 / 10

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