Boom! Smash! Blood! & So Much Killing!


"Warning the game contains A ton of Gore, Violence, Blurred out Character Customization (and things you wish had been), gut busting laughter, as well as an addictive nature that leaves you wanting more and more!"

By: Theemattadams

Loadout is a free to play, over the shoulder, shooter, that has a very strong resemblance to Team Fortress.

However Loadout is far from that! This game takes you to a whole new level, and makes you want to stay for Tea and Biscuits, & I do every single time.  Its fast paced, and loud, and colorful (the language and the explosions and the environments). It has a deepness that you would expect from a low level RPG. The skill tree, character customization, weapon creation! These things are very cool, but not really expected when playing a SHOOTER!


When you first get into it all you are asked to create a weapon in the Weapon crafting menu. Here you can make almost any kind of gun your little heart desires. For me the Tri-Barreled Rocket launcher with electrified, cluster bomb effect, in full auto, is what I go with; (It's called Kajun Sauce). Along with the Launchers you also have the option of buying a assault rifle, a laser "beam" rifle, and a pulse gun, which shoots spiked balls out, (I do not know why they call it that); using Blutes (the blue one), which are gained after each match, and are dependent on how well you do.


Something I really like about the creation system is that you do not have to go into a new game to try you gun out and get destroyed if it does work. You have the option to test the gun before you even buy the new equipment, which is a really smart way to do things, like that. However there is no resale for equipment that you do not want anymore; but if you buy a piece of equipment for one gun and create another gun - of the same type - those options are already open to you, which I really like.

The character customization is also pretty good except their are only 3 character skins and if you want to change the way they look you have to dish out some real life cash to make it happen. But for $20 you can get 16,000 Spacebuxs (the yellow one) which would allow you to buy over 10 different outfits. This is the part where people really go all out I believe, because they have added some really...Inappropriate (for younger peoples) outfits. Such as whitey tighties with a testy hanging out the left side, or a thong for the women character (which you will see why that's bad when you play  as that character). All in all though the character are well designed with customizable taunts and actions and they all have their own unique way of being.

There are 5 different game types to this game, which are named differently then they would be in a Call of Duty setting but are the same thing. Blitz = King of the Hill, Domination = Domination, another game where you pick up DNA after a kill to earn points. Their is just something about this game that gives them a new and fresh feeling, and makes that stressfulness that FPS have just go away. I think its the way you die in this game; you either get your torso taken off, burned, legs blown off, electrocuted, and my personal favorite is when you get grenade you will sometimes throw up a nice middle finger to tell your killer "Hey Forget you man!"


Overall this game satisfies my love for over the top bloody, fun, fast paced,  jump in and play two or three matches and jump out, play style.

I give Loadout for the PC on Steam a 8.9 out of 10.

8.9 / 10.0


  1. Fun, Fast Paced
  2. Over the top with everything
  3. Deaths are funny and not so Degrading
  4. Has the same shooter love with a new spin


  1. Have to use real money to alter Character
  2. Leveling up is slow
  3. Can be every Inappropriate for younger people. (So Moms and Dad all, watch what you kids play!)