Mario Kart 8


Mario Kart 8 is amazing, period. The graphics are superb, crisp and clear. 1080p 60fps, on split screen is beautiful.  The satisfaction of knocking someone off Rainbow Road, or getting that crazy 8 power up and just unleashing it on every single person you see. The power slides and drifting are seamless and just flow into the games dynamics.  The ability to create your car the way you want it and it being different every time b/c of the way you make it or something decide to change about it. The items are not over powered or over used. The variety is there and continues throughout every race you play. The tracks are every well-made and don’t get old even after playing them for extended periods of time; in order to get 1st place on every one.  The online while annoying to not be able to talk to anyone you are playing with is fun and enjoying, feeling as though you have gotten a large group of friends together. 

I have spent almost every second I play it just waiting to get everything unlocked, and anticipating DLC that could come at a later time. Not that it is needed it is just something that would be great to incorporate at a later time.

Something I cannot wait for is a change to Battle mode. While yes you do fight your opponents with all kinds of different items, and you lose balloons until the game is over, I miss the N64 version. And this is consensus all around I believe I just hope Nintendo can swallow its pride and just change something from what they think would have been good to what actually will be good.


In general any person who has ever played and liked the Mario Kart games will like this. It is that simple.  All of the characters you love to play with are back and are better than ever.  It’s fun and enjoyable, you can play with a spouse or friend that is new to the series.  Bring your grandparents or your parents in to try it out, and I almost guarantee they will love it too. 

Don’t waste time debating it b/c I promise if you wait and then want to play online every single person on there will wipe the floor with you, and will not care.


All-in-all if you own a Wii U or a 3Ds then this game is a MUST HAVE!

Go get it and play the guts out of it until Super Smash Bros. Wii U comes out, you will not be disappointed.

I give Mario Kart 8 

9.5 Blue Shells out of 10.




Final Score:    9.5 / 10



  • As fun as previous versions
  • Item control is better
  • It looks great!
  • Even old tracks feel brand new


  • Battle Mode
  • Not being able to speak with people online
  • Luigi is a playable character