Creepy music. Detailed surrounding. A weird looking glass?

The Room 2 is a mystery point and click/interact with, smart phone and tablet game; that puts the player in a small room with an objective: Get Out!

Now at first glance this game is very pretty and looks to be extremely deep, but upon closer analysis has been found to be nothing more then a glorified "escape the room" game (with multiple rooms). 

Yes it is smooth and great to look at and gives an eeriness that is kind of like some one watching you all the time. The game is set in what I assume is the early 1900s due to its electronics and cameras that are used and other devices in the game.

You are driven by letter left by someone who is trying to help you one your way. (Maybe the guy watching you) Overall it's pretty basic find this part, look at this thing, adjust this, turn this, pull that thing, you know simple things.


Either way, I really like the Escape games personally. And if you like those then this game is very much for you. It boggles your mind sometimes but allows you to us a hint if needed, but not without a few miss attempts first.  The game mechanics are a little sticky though, and this game is really needed on a tablet to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. My iPhone 4s would get to the point of be so hot I could hardly hold it due to the intensity of the game. It was extremely satisfying to complete a room though. To know yes I did it, made me really enjoyed it!

All in all I would play a 3rd installment in the series, and would hope to enjoy it just as much!

I give The Room 2

6.75 out of 10.

Final Score:   6.75 / 10



  • Detailed
  • Quizzical
  • A good puzzle game


  • Short
  • Hard to navigate without hints sometimes
  • Not everyone will like the gaming mechanics